Flip Clock Store

Large international producers and brands produce for us refined products of high workmanship.
The superior quality of the unique and unobtainable models makes Flip Clock products
superior even in comparison with modern objects.
For our part, we make sure that each item respects the environment and guarantees high quality.
For this reason, Flip Clock products are guaranteed, resistant and functional.

Flip Clock

Sale of Vintage Objects Online

Flip Clock is the online store that offers you high quality vintage items.
On our shop you can find exclusive products that have marked the past eras: they are unique models, real collector’s pieces that you can brush up in your office or in your living room.
The quality of our items is guaranteed by the made in Italy and by the use of parts and mechanisms made by large international producers, a guarantee of indestructibility, resistance and silence.

Why vintage design?

Vintage items are famous products, become symbols of an era, and therefore a true cultural expression of a society. Buying vintage items means choosing to stand out, embodying retro fashions and having, moreover, respect for the environment (in fact, products that meet the quality and environmental standards).

100% quality assurance

The products in our store are of high quality, guaranteed by the same international manufacturers. These products are imported and stored in our warehouses in Milan.