Flip Clock


Beautiful weather vane clock with calendar / perpetual date display

No maintenance is required.
LOW CONSUMPTION – a 1/2 torch battery for 3 years.
It does not require cables or wires with electric current.
Dimensions: 305 x 216 x 78 mm.
Weight: 890gr.



Perpetual Calendar Flip Clock

Indestructible, time-resistant.
The paternity of this clock is Italian, and it is exported all over the world. A real revolution in the 50s and 60s, changing very quickly and forever the way to communicate time, in a more direct and modern way. No more hands but flaps, a revolutionary change!
A monument to Italian creativity. Used mainly in stations, airports, big and medium-sized banks, post offices and public offices in general.
The model “cifra 3” by Gino Valle, a table-clock showing only the hours (not the one being sold), was exhibited in the Modern Art Museum in New York.
Wonderful new flap clock. Ideal for offices and shops, but beautiful retro style object for home, too.
Readability over 12 meters.
Injection moulded ABS case and clear view acrylic glass cover. Non-deformable reinforced resin plates. White numbers and letters on black ground.
Power supply: 3-year, size C or R14 (included), cable and wire free. To be laid or hung.
HOUR, DATE, DAY of the WEEK and MONTH all visible at the same time.
Wall or counter clock.
Electromechanical number plate movement made in Germany. Extremely precise.
Automatic re-setting for the days of the months with other than 31 days, even accounting for 29th February every leap year.
Once started, no further attention is ever needed.
Size: 305 x 216 x 78 mm.,
Weight: 890gr.